You have a gym for you, and we work together to bring you the very best.

Motivated members are loyal ones.
They have goals that they’re working toward, they’re engaged, and they’re on a journey – at your studio. 

But how do WE make this happen?  
The answer is personalization.

To truly motivate our members, they need to get personal attention, in today’s world, they expect it. 63% of today’s consumers expect personalisation as a standard of service, and 54% are willing to share personal information if it’s used to create a personalised experience.

Our experience includes working with a wide range of clients of all ages, fitness levels, and health histories, including individuals with various medical conditions. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, you will feel safe, informed, empowered, educated, and optimistic.

The technical aspects are essential components of Ruan’s Gym, but at the heart of it all is the Ruans’ Gym’s value system where kindness and gratitude matter. So do compassion, empathy, and understanding. Our desire is to meet clients where they are and to support them in living the life they envision for themselves.
We love what we do and look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into our community.


What our satisfied clients say . . .
Review on Ruan's Gym:

Larger and better!

Review on Ruan:

Very dedicated and friendly

My experience:

Love it!

Willem Kemp, Jeffrey's Bay

Review on Ruan's Gym:


Where personal training is more than just training. My physical & emotional health are of equal importance to Ruan.

Review on Ruan:


No matter where you’re at physically or mentally; Raun aims to empathize, understand & challenge you all while providing a safe space

My experience:


I’ve been at Ruan's Gym for almost 3 months and I wish I had joined sooner. Ruan is really amazing and want you to be your best self. There is a sense of community at this gym that I’ve never experienced at other gyms

Christa Smith, Jeffrey's Bay